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Get paid to send and receive smses, business model
Shocking negative hostile takeover tactics, talent acquisition tactics used in the indian internet sector
Get paid to send SMS ,Earn money sending SMSes to friends, relatives and business associates, review the business model.While there are a large number of websites, which allow users to send free SMSes, there are also a few websites which pay users to send SMSes in India. At the end of the SMS, these paid to send SMS websites will append an advertising message. They also show a large number of advertisements during the login process, and also while the SMS is being sent. The balance for these websites can be redeemed in the form of a recharge only, for a majority of the websites.
It is observed that most websites credit users 2 paisa per SMS sent, and the number of SMSes sent per day is limited to 50 for a few websites. There has been a major decrease in the paid to send sms websites, with websites like laaptu now offering payment only for quizzes and polls. Ypox seems to be redirected to Laaptu. Some of the websites also pay members for login and the amount can be used to send smses
A partial list of websites is as follows
Ziptt - Ziptt is a relative new website pays 20 paisa a day for login, under review. For checking the astrological prediction for the day they also pay users 20 paisa. There are many other options of earning money of approx. Rs 51+ for users if they complete other offers , if they download apps on their android phone
Zypog - Zypog is a relatively new website pays 20 paisa a day for login, under review. There are many other options of earning money for users if they complete other offers , if they download apps on their android phone
Ultoo - has a captcha to login and send SMS. Maximum amount that can be redeemed in one day Rs 20. Can be used to recharge any mobile number. Recharge offered as promised when reviewed in May 2015. Daily login bonus of Rs 0.1
Fcall - Is a relatively new website for sending smses has a captcha to login and send SMS. For sending 140 character sms, 2 paisa was credited to the account, though 4 paisa has been specified on the website. They also offer the facility of sending 460 character sms free and voice calls also can be made . Can be used to recharge any mobile number. Money can be made answering polls, quizzes, and the account will be credit even for wrong answers. User interface could be improved as of May 2015. Use a combination of Google Adsense, Popads and other ad network to monetize their website
These websites can be useful for people who have to send a large number of SMSes for business purposes. Most mobile carriers in India charge 80 paisa to Rs 1 per SMS (except if SMS packs are used), and more on special occassions, and this offers an opportunity to contact a large number of people at a low cost. More websites will be listed soon, so please check. Other websites for sending smses which are widely reviewed are Ypox, Laaptu and Amulyam. These websites are being considered again as some mobile providers are charging Rs 5 per sms sent, without a valid reason. Details of the fraud are documented separately at Electronic communication theft as the powerful fraud officials in the indian internet sector try to steal the impressive resume of a single woman obc engineer for the mediocre lazy greedy VVIP goan sex bribe givers cheater siddhi mandrekar, sunaina who sleep with them, goan gsb fraud housewife riddhi who looks like kangana ranaut and the shivalli brahmin cheater bangalore housewife BBM nayanshree hathwar, who do not want to work hard, want to become rich and powerful overnight . Any new sms sending website interested in a free review can send their details to and

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